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Kitchen Design: A Tale of 3 Kitchens

September 20, 2012 / News

No matter what your budget may be, you can achieve your dream kitchen through smart design and high quality materials. Many homeowners are transforming their dated kitchens by simply upgrading their fixtures or changing the layout of the space. To see how we do it, here are three recent kitchen remodel designs we’ve completed.

#1 – Upgraded Materials + Lighting

  • BEFORE: Pull-and-Put Kitchen Remodel BEFORE: Pull-and-Put Kitchen Remodel Many homeowners are looking to simply update their kitchens without changing the actual footprint of the space.
  • AFTER: Pull-and-Put-Kitchen-Remodel AFTER: Pull-and-Put-Kitchen-Remodel We call these pull and put projects, where we take out the old and replace it with higher quality materials.
  • Open Kitchen Open Kitchen In this case, our client had been living with her kitchen torn out for a year after damage two her townhouse. She had a number of companies look at the job, but never felt comfortable trusting them. Someone suggested checking with a professional remodeler, so she contacted us.
  • New Cabinetry New Cabinetry We started with the cabinetry, installing maple cabinets with soft close features, so drawers and doors close quietly and smoothly.
  • Peninsula Peninsula We also extended the countertop space by creating a peninsula that will allow for more workspace and places to congregate.
  • Lighting Lighting Lighting was also critical in this design, with under cabinet lighting throughout.
  • Custom Tile Work Custom Tile Work Custom tile backsplash
  • Upgraded Fixtures Upgraded Fixtures New plumbing fixtures

#2 – A Place for Everything

  • BEFORE: Outdated Kitchen BEFORE: Outdated Kitchen Our clients had worked with local university students to design the kitchen, but unfortunately the work never materialized.
  • AFTER: Modern Design AFTER: Modern Design It was time to bring a professional, and we focused on creating a space that allowed for multiple people in the kitchen, as well as room for entertaining.
  • BEFORE: Separate Kitchen and Dining BEFORE: Separate Kitchen and Dining Our clients wanted more space so we looked to the adjoining dining room.
  • AFTER: Open Space AFTER: Open Space After removing the dining room wall we combined the two spaces.
  • BEFORE: Dated Fixtures BEFORE: Dated Fixtures Cabinetry, paint, countertops and fixtures all dated this kitchen.
  • AFTER: Upgraded Materials AFTER: Upgraded Materials Upgraded cabinetry, countertops, colors and fixtures all brought the kitchen into today.
  • BEFORE: Crowded Window Sill BEFORE: Crowded Window Sill A traditional window ledge gets crowded with household items behind the sink.
  • AFTER: New Space and Appeal AFTER: New Space and Appeal We set the window about 8 inches to create a little shelf over the sink. It's a great place to put plants and other items. Very inexpensive and simple, but a neat way to gain extra appeal.
  • AFTER: Integrated with the Exterior AFTER: Integrated with the Exterior We made sure the new window box integrated with the exterior - as if it was always there.
  • Multiple Uses Multiple Uses Kitchens are a hub of activity - a place to cook, eat, socialize, work and store keepsakes and day-to-day items. The overall layout accomodates enough space for multiple cooks and hosting large dinner parties.
  • Meeting a Deadline Meeting a Deadline Our clients had a big party planned for a family graduation, so the space had to be completed by then. We worked up until the day before the party to ensure we completed the space in time.
  • Space for Entertaining Space for Entertaining The bar area allows for eating and gathering. The quartz countertop created a low maintenance kitchen as well.
  • Custom Tile Floor Custom Tile Floor By placing the tiles on the diagonal, we added visual interest and the illusion of space.
  • Custom Cabinetry Custom Cabinetry This beautiful china cabinet displays the client's best pieces.
  • Little Details Little Details The client had a hard time displaying her china plates, so we created a little ledge in the back with a piece of trim so the plates would stand up properly.
  • Hiding a Support Beam Hiding a Support Beam When we removed the dining room wall, we had to disguise the support beam for the second floor. We did so with a wrap around cabinet that still had room for storage.
  • Custom Cabinetry Custom Cabinetry You can make the most out of high end cabinetry with extra features.
  • Cabinetry That Works Cabinetry That Works One of the ways to make a kitchen functional is to consider how you use the space. That will help you choose cabinets that will store items while still being accessible.
  • Home Office Station Home Office Station An office nook beside the double oven serves as a place for paying bills and family communication.
  • Custom Tile Backsplash Custom Tile Backsplash Glass tiles are easy to clean and add plenty of style.

#3 – The Difference 18 Square Feet Makes

  • BEFORE: Small Kitchen BEFORE: Small Kitchen Sometimes a kitchen just doesn’t work, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean huge expansions. We can “steal” a little space from other under-used parts of the home to create a more functional floorplan. The circled area was an area of opportunity for us.
  • AFTER: Adding 18 square feet AFTER: Adding 18 square feet In the end, we only added 18 square feet, but combined with the new layout we were able to completely transform this space.
  • View from the Breakfast Nook View from the Breakfast Nook
  • Center Island Center Island We added a center island to create a more functional workspace in the kitchen.
  • View to the Outside View to the Outside The design of this window mimics the original floorplan.
  • Home Office Station Home Office Station We created a small home office station for homework, bill paying and more.
  • Seamless Integration Seamless Integration We also added a screened porch and integrated the two spaces.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting We installed under cabinet lighting to illuminate task areas.
  • Integration with the Family Room Integration with the Family Room The kitchen also flows nicely into the adjoining family room.
  • Custom Cabinetry Custom Cabinetry You can really customize a kitchen with cabinetry.
  • Butcher Block Top Butcher Block Top A butcher block top for the island creates the ultimate prep station.
  • Beautiful Custom Cabinetry Beautiful Custom Cabinetry
  • Beautiful Custom Cabinetry Beautiful Custom Cabinetry
  • Beautiful Custom Cabinetry Beautiful Custom Cabinetry
  • Seeded Glass and Cabinet Lighting Seeded Glass and Cabinet Lighting
  • Spice Rack Spice Rack
  • Glass Tile Backsplash Glass Tile Backsplash
  • Utility Drawer Inserts Utility Drawer Inserts
  • Pull Out Cutting Board Pull Out Cutting Board
  • Pantry Shelving Pantry Shelving We squeezed every inch of the available pantry space with this custom storage unit.
  • Spice Drawers Spice Drawers
  • Soapstone Countertops Soapstone Countertops
  • Stainless Steel Appliances Stainless Steel Appliances

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  1. Dan Grahovac says:

    I looked through all the after photos of the kitchen. You did an amazing job! Look absolutely stunning. Love the tile work.

    • blue7877 says:

      Thanks Dan! We really enjoyed working on all three kitchens. All different but all beautiful.