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Blue Ridge Home Improvement, Inc. BBB Business Review
Remodeling and Home Design


People remodel for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to accommodate a growing family or to make it friendly and accessible as they age. Whatever your reason, we now that trust is a big deal. And when you hire a remodeler, you’re placing all your trust is that company. Trust that they will take care of your family, your home and your investment.

That means a lot to us, and we work hard to both earn and keep that trust. When you become a client of Blue Ridge Home Improvement, you become part of our family. So know that you can always count on us when you need us. Our customers, employees and vendors are truly the heart and soul behind our company. We’d like to extend a big thank you to those who allowed us to use their testimonials.

In Their Own Words

Richard & Barbara Piersol, Remodeling Customers

“Your team inspires confidence. Every person on the job, including subcontractors, was courteous, professional, and efficient. Blue Ridge delivered exactly what it promised – on time and on budget. Thank you!”

Anne Wood & Jean Shick, Remodeling Customers

“We have used BRHI for several projects, and rely on Tim’s expertise. It has always been a pleasure to work with BRHI.”

Bill & Tassy Eigel, Remodeling Customers

“We love all of our projects that BRHI has worked on with us here at our house. Beginning in the fall of 2009 with our master bedroom/bathroom addition plus kitchen extension, many exterior improvements, and two decks also completed in Spring 2010. In summer 2013, BRHI remodeled our entire basement family room, bathroom and laundry room. This fall of 2016, we renovated our kitchen with the amazing skills and terrific help of Richard on-site and excellent input of Tim, along with many great suggestions from Susan! Thanks for all the super efforts and beautiful results. We enjoy all of it and bless all of you at BRHI.”

Craig & Susan Nesbit, Remodeling Customers

“We moved from Chicago to Blacksburg to retire, bought a house that needed some updating, and went looking for a contractor. We worked with a great home improvement contractor in Chicago, where there is lots of competition and choices, so we were a little apprehensive about finding a contractor as good in Blacksburg. Even by Chicago standards, Blue Ridge is exceptional. Before we moved in, on a very tight timeline, Blue Ridge removed installed shelves/cabinets/desks, moved walls, remodeled a bathroom, installed new lighting, converted a laundry room to a wet bar and repainted the interior. Since we moved in, Blue Ridge remodeled all our other bathrooms, converted a garage into a den, rewired much of the house, added electrical service, built new piers under the foundation, and installed a spiral stairway to open up a previously inaccessible loft area. These guys can do anything. The best part is – and anyone who has ever worked with an HI contractor will understand this – their estimates were spot on every time, there were never any hidden surprises (because they did their homework before giving us the estimates), they started and finished the jobs when they said, the work was very high quality and the guys on the job were always finding simple little improvements to make along the way that, in the end, made a big difference. I cannot express how rare this combination of attributes is. I should also point out that we have friends who have used other contractors in the area who bid lower than Blue Ridge but invariably discovered hidden problems that significantly drove up the cost and duration of the jobs. Over multiple projects, this has never happened to us with Blue Ridge. We’re fans for life.”

Tony & Brenda Price, Remodeling Customers

Tony and Brenda Price“We want to just thank you guys so much for the things you have done at the house. We especially want to thank you for the great job done on the ramp. We wish you could have seen the BIG smile on his face this morning. This was the first time he has been able to go out the front door without struggling. You all have made a difference in our lives and again we say, thank you! On my way to take him to Point West I began to cry, not of sadness, but tears of JOY! This was a great feeling and you guys were the reason for our happiness. Thank you so much!”

Mary Denton & David Lyerly, Remodeling Customers

Mary Dention, David Lyerly“We had two major projects done on our house, one being a remodel of our bathroom and the other to replace an outdated deck. Both John and Richard were superb craftsmen, who paid attention to the details and offered wonderful creative advice. Tim always made sure we were aware of the newest building materials, ways to save money, and how to make each project look its best. Susan also kept us posted on scheduling and arrival of building materials. We were very satisfied and have been happy to tell others about the service and quality of Blue Ridge Home Improvement.”

John and Mickey Balconi, Remodeling Customers

John and Mickey Balconi“Our master bathroom remodel by Blue Ridge Home Improvement gave us the bathroom of our dreams. The bathroom now has two sinks, a large walk-in shower, a huge jetted tub and heated floor, all of which give the room the feel of a luxury spa. By adding more storage under the sinks, the tower between the sinks and the cabinet inset in the wall, we greatly enhanced the functionality of the space. Richard’s daily presence working on the project and coordinating the tradespeople and inspections made this an easy to live with effort.”

Larry & Glenda Lawrence, Remodeling Customers

Larry and Glenda Lawrence“BRHI asked us to mention nice things about working with them, but we had other ideas! Every morning around 8 a.m., the little yellow truck arrived and soon all peace was gone. Saws and hammers are not like they used to be. Nope, now they have electric ones, pneumatic ones, shotgun shell ones and all kinds of other loud ones! One peaceful, rainy morning we thought the little yellow truck would not show because the weather was so bad. But sure enough, at 8 a.m. the commotion started again. They reminded us of the old saying about the mailman, “Neither snow nor rain could stop the mail.” That seemed to be the case with BRHI because they worked through rain, snow, wind and 10 degree temperature! We could tell you more but space doesn’t permit (they won’t give us two pages). We love our new sunroom and highly recommend BRHI. If you want to read good things about them, look at the statements from some of the other customers!” (Ha! Can you tell they’re related to Tim?!)

Bill & Tassy Eigel, Remodeling Customer

eigelFrom initial meetings with the owner, to daily excellent craftsman skills and creative ideas with our lead carpenter, and attentive input/support from the office staff in the selection of many materials and items, BRHI gave us great, superior results. It means so much to know BRHI has a really friendly, positive team dedicated to quality, and they want to make their clients feel satisfied and confident in the wonderful renovations to their homes.”

Carol Edmonds, Remodeling Customer

Testimonial about John Risch:

“It is always difficult to have your living space disrupted and various people traverse in and out of your home. John made every effort with this project to minimize any impact on me and my routine, which was especially important to me. In addition, John made special efforts to keep me apprised of the progress and promptly address any questions or issue that I raised. He consistently made sure that the space was clean and free of debris. Throughout the process, I felt that John was genuinely concerned that I was happy with the renovation and that the workmanship was of top quality. You have an excellent staff. You are very fortunate to have skilled, conscientious, responsible people like John in your employ.”

Testimonial about Susan Davidson:

“The numerous decisions that need to be made about colors, styles, types, brand names, amenities and costs seem endless, even with the smallest project. For me these decisions are difficult and often immensely frustrating. I cannot say enough positive comments about how much I appreciate Susan’s help with making these decisions. Because of her assistance, I made better choices than had I been left on my own. In addition, Susan spent time reviewing products, checking my allowance amounts and talking with the various sales people in preparation for our scheduled meetings. For me, this was especially important as we could begin the process starting with products within an acceptable price range. Susan also has a very good sense of style and seemed to be able to read my mind on many occasions, because the selections she identified were exactly what I wanted. It was a pleasure working with her, not only because of her skills, but her pleasant personality and clear focus on ensuring that I was pleased with the products.”

Mark & Carole M., Remodeling Customers

“We are very happy with the remodeling project done by Blue Ridge Home Improvement. The quality of the work was excellent and we appreciated having a single person coordinate all the construction activities in a friendly, unobtrusive manner. The regularly scheduled meetings with Tim helped us to review all the issues associated with a complex project in a productive way so that there were no surprises. We love the new addition to our house and we are enjoying the results.”

Hilda & Paul H., Remodeling Customers

“The professionalism with which BRHI conducts business is equaled only by the skill of their craftsmen. It’s first class all the way.”

Barbara C., Remodeling Customer

“We found Blue Ridge Home Improvement accommodating and easy to work with, as well as professional. We really liked the professional packet we received at the beginning of the job. We knew exactly what was going to happen. We appreciate the way Tim worked with us to help us save money by giving us that itemized list and cooperating with us in doing some of the work ourselves. Leon (carpenter) was wonderful! He even made certain things we needed, which also saved us money. The addition has beautified our home and increased its value tremendously. We are very pleased!”

State-Electric-Mike-DangerfieldMike Dangerfield, State Electric Supply Company

“Beyond quality products and specialized knowledge, the thing that separates State Electric from the competition is our focus on meeting a client’s needs. The BRHI team shares that same commitment to customer service, which is why together we can help our clients create their dreams.”

Jeff Nosenzo, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

“Find the passion you’re looking for at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery – a passion for quality, style and service, and the knowledge to help you through the complications of your building and remodeling project. Blue Ridge Home Improvement shares that same passion, which is why together, we help our client’s dreams come true.”

John Wasky, Pella Windows and Doors

“I’ve been a member of the New River Valley since my days as a student at Virginia Tech. And I’m proud to serve my friends and neighbors in this beautiful area, as Blue Ridge Home Improvement’s partner and as a representative of Pella Windows and Doors. If you are looking for excellent craftsmanship, a community partner, and a contractor that operates with integrity, you can’t go wrong if you choose BRHI.”

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