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Questions to Ask When Remodeling Bathrooms

February 15, 2012 / News

The biggest challenge in remodeling a bathroom is figuring out how to make one of the smallest rooms in your home functional, beautiful and comfortable all at the same time. Here are some questions to ask to help you plan your next bath remodel.

powder room remodelHalf Bath / Powder Room

Just like the name suggests, a half bath contains only a toilet and a sink. It’s accessible to guests, but not used for daily functions like washing faces or brushing teeth. So designing half baths can be more about style than function.
Some questions to consider:

  • What is your personal home design style? Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, country or environmentally friendly, your style will influence the types of lighting, plumbing fixtures, sinks and toilets you can choose from.
  • What type of storage do you need? Sometimes people like to have extra storage, which will dictate whether you need a vanity cabinet or a pedestal sink.

jack and jill bath remodelFull Bath

Full baths are high-traffic areas. They’re used by children, overnight guests, and for homes without a master bath it can become a whole family affair! Therefore they must work for everyone – sometimes at the same time! Some questions to consider:

  • How many people will use the bath at one time? This determines whether there is a need for isolated toilet or tub areas. Jack-and-Jill baths allow everyone to have their own personal storage and ideally separate sinks.
  • Who uses the bath, and how old are they? If you have small children or older parents, reaching sink faucets can be an issue. Instead of step stools, consider multi-level vanity countertops so they’re accessible for everyone.

Master Bath / Spa

master bath remodel

One of the most important things to consider in planning a master bath or suite is space. Two people need to maneuver comfortably, which often involves expanding the room by adding on or stealing space from existing rooms.
Some questions to consider:

  • What types of activities will take place in the space? By identifying the functions of each area – bathing, grooming, makeup application, dressing or even laundry – you can decide the overall layout, types of furniture and fixtures needed.
  • What type of storage do you need? This will help you choose items that will keep the space as open as possible. In small spaces you can use wall hung vanities to visually extend the floor space or frameless glass shower enclosures so you’re not building any walls to close in the feeling of openness.
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  1. Alex Robert says:

    I want to remodel my powder room in an efficient way considering some new designs. Can you provide me some ideas regarding the renovation?

    • blue7877 says:

      It is sometimes difficult to give ideas without actually seeing the space, but you will want to consider an efficient toilet such as a dual flush model. You will also want to install LED lighting. As far a style it will mostly come from your vanity and faucet. Choose a pedestal sink or a floating wall hung cabinet. Adding tile behind the vanity can also help create the look you are wanting. I hope these few ideas help you with your remodel.

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