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Clean Job Sites: They Make a Difference

July 3, 2011 / News

A long time ago, when Tim Lawrence first started Blue Ridge Home Improvement, his customers remarked on how clean his job sites were. “And it’s just something that has stuck with me every since,” Tim said. “While it sounds like cleanliness should be a simple thing to do, it’s something that most contractors don’t pay much attention to.”

As professional remodelers, we know that clean job sites are extremely important to our customers’ safety and satisfaction. Remodeling is a messy process and it’s a lot different than traditional new construction because you are living in the same space that is being renovated. One of the things that sets us apart from the competition is our careful attention to minimize dust and disruption.

“They cleaned up the space at the end of each day, and our home never felt like a construction site,” said Karen Watson, a BRHI client. “I would employ them again for any future home remodel projects.”

Part of our remodeling process is installing protective floor runners and dust doors to separate the construction area from the livable area. In the far right picture you can see Leon carefully closing the dust door before he leaves for the day. And Tim happened to catch Alex Lawrence and Jim Stade going the extra mile as they were unloading gravel on a job site. They took the time to lay down a tarp to catch any debris that may fall off the truck. Both are small actions, but they make a big difference!


  1. Jane B. says:

    I love clean job. The surface protection is really important for me. We were doing a huge remodeling two years ago and what I consider to be the best invention are these dust doors. This product is great and I like it is reusable!

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