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Trends in Bathroom Design

February 24, 2012 / News

It’s a mad, crazy world out there, and home design trends have changed to accommodate today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Designs that are calm, relaxing and comforting are combined with modern conveniences. Here are some of the trends that remodelers are using to create stress-reducing sanctuaries:

color palettes: bright is out, light is in

Color is the easiest way to create a soothing environment. For example, seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming. So choose palettes of beige, white, olive, blue and other neutral or light colors. They’re easy to match with many different styles, which is good for a high return on investment when you sell.

vessel sinks

One of the newest trends in fixtures, vessel sinks are actually based on a centuries-old design. Chinese basins that were used in the days before running water are getting a contemporary twist with various shapes, sizes and materials. And traditional rules for matching the color of your sink with your bathtub and toilet are out. Now you can mix things up with cast iron, glass, natural stone and bronze.

bring the outdoors in with lighting

No more harsh artificial light, natural is the way to go. If the remodel allows for structural changes, solatubes or large windows with sleek pane-free designs are perfect for admitting lots of natural light. For nighttime or supplemental lighting, use fixtures with soft light and dimming switches – perfect for a long soak in the tub without the hazards of candles.

keep it light and airy with frameless showers

Building walls to create a shower can close in a space. Frameless glass shower walls and doors make the most of every square foot and even make the room appear larger.

textured tile

If you’re using a neutral color palette, unique tile textures can add dimension. If you’re looking for luxury, imported marble is quite elegant; however, mosaic, granite, glass and mother-of-pearl tiles are beautiful options without breaking the bank. For a modern twist on a traditional room, set the tiles in a staggered pattern.

go green in more ways than one

Obviously, if you’re looking to lower utilities or reduce your environmental impact, there are tons of environmentally friendly fixtures such as on-demand hot water heaters, low-flow toilets and specialized shower heads and faucets. But you can also go green by reusing original antiques or traditional pieces from flea markets and antique stores that have been updated or restored to their former beauty.

heated floors are hot

Comfort is key, and no one likes cold feet when they’re relaxing in their bathroom sanctuary. Heated floors are a welcome luxury, especially with cold tile in the middle of winter. Plus you can install heated floors just in high traffic areas to save cost.

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