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The Value of Quality of Life

May 28, 2014 / News

A recent sunroom remodel by Blue Ridge Home Improvement

The main reason for an addition is that something is missing in your life. You need more room, or you need a space for something. The main thing we hear people say after completing these projects is that the new addition becomes the focus of their house. It’s where they live. That’s where the value of quality of life comes in.

If you’re considering additional living space in your home, ask yourself if there is a space or room big enough for you and your family to “live.” If not, that’s a good reason for an addition. You can easily increase both the actual square footage of your home and the feeling of space with an addition. For example, some additions have vaulted ceilings, so they create a feeling of openness.

Or you can build a smaller addition for a place to feel cozy. Larger homes with open floor plans can often feel too grand or even empty. A small sunroom with warmer materials and colors can create a comfortable place for the family to sit in the sun and gather together.

And if you feel like your family spends too much time indoors, screened porches are an excellent way to extend your living space to the outdoors. Many homes in the New River Valley have beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and natural landscape. Take advantange of nature in your backyard with a three season screened porch that allows for balmy summer days and cozy fall evenings by the fire.

Whatever your needs are, an addition can certainly add more value to your life. More time with family, more memories with friends, more relaxing moments and more enjoyment of the place you call home.

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