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Questions to Ask About Universal Design

September 10, 2013 / News

Maybe you’ve thought about how to make your home more accessible. Maybe you haven’t. But anytime you take on a new remodeling project, it’s smart to think about how your family will use the space now and in the future. Here are three simple questions to ask when you’re planning your next project:

#1 Who visits your home?

  • Do you have older family members who stay with you often?
  • Can they easily enter and walk around your home?
  • Can they safely do daily activities without supervision?

#2 Do you have kids?

  • Do you have small children and plan for them grow up in this home?
  • Is it easy to help them bathe and reach things in the kitchen?
  • Do you worry about them moving around at night?
  • How about when they get older? Will your home accommodate growth spurts and growing families?

#3 Will you live there long-term?

  • Do you plan to retire in this home?
  • If so, will your home be accessible when you start to have trouble reaching high and low cabinets?
  • Is there enough light or do you strain your eyes while doing daily tasks?
  • Will you be able to safely and comfortably maintain your daily routine in this home?

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