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Let in the Light: How to Incorporate Windows into Your Design

March 1, 2013 / News

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or adding living space to your home, you want to maximize your natural light, ventilation and energy efficiency. The right windows can help you do all of these things. Windows contribute to your overall design by reflecting the architecture of your home, and adding a dose of decorative style. Here are five things to consider when choosing windows.

Follow the sun

Windows are portals for light and fresh air. The design of the windows should take into consideration the path of the sun over the course of a day. A breakfast nook lit by a fresh blast of sunlight can jumpstart your day, and the sunsetting rays can provide a cozy relaxing atmosphere. Incorporate Low-E (low-emissivity) windows, especially on the south side of a home, to reflect the sun’s heating rays away from your house, while providing the lighting nature intended.

Maximize your view

Living in the New River Valley, we are lucky to have beautiful natural scenery right in our backyards. Consider designing windows with grilles only on the top half. This way, you can still get the divided-light look you want, without blocking your view.

Create a focal point

Special shape windows are an easy way to add architectural interest to your room and highlight other features of your home. For example, use one perfect circle window as a simple design accent or frame a fireplace mantel with windows.

Add livable space

Replace old “picture” windows with a bay and bow window to affordably add square footage. Add a window seat to create a cozy seating area or a place to display books and decorative objects. You can even put a hinge on the top of your window seat and use the space below for storage.

Pella Certified ContractorHire a professional

We’ve seen do-it-yourself or uncertified contractors replace windows with disastrous results. Plus, if you buy windows from a company that won’t be around in five or ten years, it will be hard to get replacement parts or warranty repairs. We recently became a Pella Certified Contractor, which means we are certified by a reputable window manufacturer to properly install high quality products. Working with a Pella Certified Contractor means you can trust your investment.

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