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HOW TO: Compare Quotes from Remodelers

March 10, 2015 / News

appleEver heard that saying, “comparing apples to oranges”?

This is basically the reason why you can’t compare remodeling quotes based on price alone. While it may be tempting, you need to look beyond the numbers to really compare apples to apples.

What’s included, and not included, in the preliminary specifications?
A reputable contractor will provide extensive details about what products and services they’re delivering. Equally important is what is not included. This eliminates any surprises or gray area. If you can’t tell exactly what is and is not included, this is a sign of trouble in the future.

Is it a fixed-rate quote?
There are two basic ways to estimate a project. One is fixed cost for work, while the other is “cost plus.” The latter means the remodeler charges based on time and materials plus a percentage, which means you risk not knowing the final cost of your project. A “cost plus” quote gives you a rough idea of the cost, but the remodeler will charge you more if the project takes longer than expected or if they did not estimate the materials properly. A fixed-rate quote  gives you an accurate price with no surprises.

Who’s working on your job?
It’s true that one’s work gets better with experience. When comparing two quotes, look to see how many years each remodeler has been in business and working on projects like yours.

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