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Fall Home Improvement Tips

August 27, 2012 / News


In between trying to squeeze in that last beach trip and planning the first tailgate of the season, be sure to find some time to do a little check of your home. Trust us, you’ll regret putting off these home improvement to-do’s when the harsh chill of winter hits.

  • CLEAN THE GUTTERS – Winter is not the time to be messing around on the roof. Plus, you’ll want a clean area for snow and ice to run off. Be sure to do all cleaning from an extension ladder and have someone spot you. Use a garden hoe to scrape the debris toward you and drop into a trash can below. When you’re done, use a hose to spray down the gutters and check the downspouts to clear any debris.
  • CHECK THE WINDOWS – If you’ve opened and closed your windows this summer, chances are the seals are filthy, which will prevent them from creating a tight seal to keep out the cold. Inspect and clean each window, and replace any weather stripping.
  • CHECK THE DECK – After storing all your patio furniture, rent a pressure washer and give your deck a good bath. Let it dry at least three hours and then apply a sealer/protectant to make it last until next summer.

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