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Creative Cabinet Solutions

September 24, 2014 / News

Check out these creative solutions all with custom cabinetry design!

Create A Functional Laundry Room

Custom cabinetry is essential in designing a functional laundry room.

A lot of homeowners choose front loading washers and dryers for energy-efficiency and accessibility. In order to make the most of this limited space, we designed a custom cabinet to sit between the two units. This narrow cabinet has two pull-out drawers to store commonly-used laundry supplies within reach for daily chores.

The cabinet is topped with a durable solid surface for use to fold clothes or temporarily place clothing hampers. It also sits on casters so it can be easily moved to clean or perform maintenance on the washer and dryer.


Message Center in the Heart of the Kitchen

Need a place to store keys, mail and important information for caregivers? Here’s a tiny design solution we created for a recent client!

We made the most out of the end of this kitchen cabinet by creating a message center to store keys, mail, bills and important information. A dry erase board on the inside of the door provides a space for family notes and reminders.

Everything is tucked out of sight, but totally within reach as a center of information.


Massive Shower Storage Without Bulky Mess

Showers need extra storage to store all of our toiletries.

This locker cabinet is recessed into the wall to provide almost six feet of storage in an attractive, mess-free manner. It actually provides more storage than a typical built-in cabinet.


A Multi-Purpose Kitchen

Because the kitchen is a hub of activity in the home, this space needs to serve multiple purposes. We created a wall of cabinets to serve as a place to store kitchen appliances, a pantry for dry goods, a bill paying station and a catch-all for other odds and ends.

In order to keep the space clutter-free, we installed two cabinets with   retractable doors to store both the microwave and the television. The doors slide back to provide space while the appliances are in use, and keep everything out of sight when closed.



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