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Joyce Lawrence, Payroll & Accounts Payable

Joyce LawrenceThere’s one person besides Tim who has seen Blue Ridge Home Improvement (BRHI) grow from it’s beginnings in 1979. And that’s Joyce Lawrence.

Born and raised in Maryland, Joyce literally married into the business when she married Tim in 1981. She says she didn’t work much with BRHI at first, as she worked at a local physician’s office. But we’re sure she spent many days and nights supporting Tim as he built the business.

In 1992, Joyce retired from the medical field to start their family. By that time, the business had grown enough for a part time office assistant, so Joyce stepped in. Over the years, she’s continued to be an integral part of the BRHI team.

“We have a good, loyal crew, and I’m proud of each and everyone of them,” Joyce said. “I’m happy to be a part of a great team.”

If you’ve ever visited the Lawrence’s home, you’ll know Joyce loves interior design and decorating. “It’s a big interest of mine, so I enjoy staging projects for our photo gallery and seeing the end results of each customer’s project.”

She hopes to continue to support Tim and the BRHI team and hopefully one day pass the business to their two sons. “We’ve built something special, and we’d like to keep it alive for the next generation so BRHI can meet the needs of our past, current and future customers.”