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New Kitchen by Thanksgiving

May 10, 2015 / News

You might be thinking, isn’t it a little early to be talking about Thanksgiving? But if you’d like a new kitchen to host your extended family for the holidays, then now is the time to get started.

Design Takes Time
We live in the age of shortcuts, and for some things that’s just fine. But when it comes to your home, your family and your investment, a shortcut is just no good. Good remodeling design is the resultĀ  of a long process of research, deliberation, problem solving and decision making. We need to consider the existing structure, accessibility, functionality and durability to design the space to fit your needs.

You Have Decisions to Make
Before we can begin construction, you have to decide what the new kitchen is going to look like. There are thousands of different products, finishes and trends to choose from. If you do your research up front and know the look you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be prepared to make decisions more quickly once the design is underway. Be realistic about your budget and make choices that fit it.

We Need to Order Materials
Once you decide on your selections, it takes time to get them from the manufacturer to your home. Typically, it takes three to four weeks for cabinetry. Countertops also have a long lead time because the new cabinets have to be installed first, and then fabrication of the countertops can take two to three weeks. And if you have any specialty or custom made items, it can sometimes take two to three weeks or longer.

Reserve Your Spot on the Schedule
So as you can see, there’s a lot of prep work before construction can begin. But professional remodelers often begin booking early. We are scheduling for late summer work now! So it’s important to reserve your spot on the installation schedule now for fall construction.


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