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Jim Stade, Carpenter

Jim Stade has been a carpenter with Blue Ridge Home Improvement for over five years. In his more than 30 years in the constructJim Stadeion industry, Jim has built his skills through on-the-job training on a wide variety of builds and with a number of construction teams.

There are many aspects of BRHI that Jim appreciates, but most of all, he values the integrity of the company from the field to the office. While construction crews tend to have high turn-over rates, he says the loyalty and dedication to team he has experienced with BRHI are unprecedented, noting that President Tim Lawrence inspires the crew to stick together and help one another out. He also appreciates the team’s dedication to the end result and the way inevitable mistakes are handled quickly and efficiently team-wide.

Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Jim moved to Blacksburg with his wife and four children in 1995. Now that his kids have grown up and left the family home, he and his wife spend most of their spare time gardening and doing projects around their home.